Zeinab Blandia’s Letter to President Obama | Act For Sudan

Zeinab Blandia’s Letter to President Obama | Act For Sudan.

Dear Mr. President:

I am Zeinab Blandia, Executive Director and Founder, of Ru’ya (Vision) Association and a human rights defender from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. I am one of thousands of victims of continued civil war in Nuba Mountains. I am writing this letter from my heart as a mother, sister, and victim of war and violation for your consideration.

I want to take this opportunity to deliver this message to you, President Obama, on behalf of the powerless of Nuba’s Women.

There is no improvement in the situation of human rights violations in Sudan, and in particular, in the Nuba Mountains in the last 29 months. I definitely fear for my life in Sudan as well as those of my fellow people and family members in the Nuba Mountains. There is an active systematic genocide currently being conducted against the people of the Nuba Mountains; civilians are bombed from the air daily. <…>

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