US to lift Sudan sanctions after gov’t election: Source

The United States will only lift sanctions on Sudan after a new government is elected, a Sudanese informed source told Anadolu Agency.The US administration formally notified Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok of a six-item plan for normalizing bilateral relations, said the source, who preferred to remain unnamed because he was not authorized to speak to the media.Hamdok is heading a military-civilian government that is tasked with preparing for general elections in three years.”The plan stipulates the reform of the Sudanese army and merging the Rapid Support Forces or any other militia under the command of the Sudanese military,” the source said.According to the source, Washington prefers that the merging of these forces would take place under UN supervision.”Other conditions are related to combating terrorism, religious freedom, the signing of international human rights laws, and coordination on humanitarian aid and peace files,” he said.

Source: US to lift Sudan sanctions after gov’t election: Source

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