Sudan’s Joint Force in Darfur Spikes to 20,000 Troops | Al Bawaba

Sudan’s peace partners have agreed to increase Darfur joint force to 20,000 troops and to establish rapid reaction units to preserve security in the the restive region.

On 10 April, the Security and Defence Council (SDC) decided to deploy joint forces including former rebels as agreed in the peace deal even if these troops have not yet been fully prepared, as a result of the surge in inter-communal violence in Darfur.

Hadi Idris, Transitional Sovereign Council Member and leader of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front told the Sudan Tribune on Saturday that the decision to increase the joint security forces was also approved in this meeting

The Council decided to increase the joint forces in Darfur from 12,000 to 20,000 troops. The armed struggle forces will participate with 8000 combatants while the government will provide 12,0000 soldiers,” Idris said.

Source: Sudan’s Joint Force in Darfur Spikes to 20,000 Troops | Sudan Tribune

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