Sudan and prospects of seeing light at the end of the tunnel – Sudan Tribune

By Volker Perthes
United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Sudan

Ever since the 25 October 2021 coup, the United Nations’ primary goal has been to help facilitate an agreement on a civilian-led transitional arrangement based on an agreed constitutional framework. The purpose of this agreement is to work towards achieving the goals of the December 2018 revolution that the Sudanese expressed in their slogan: Freedom, Peace and Justice. Popular resistance to the coup has helped to convince all parties that the current situation is unsustainable and clearly demonstrated that a comprehensive solution that restores the path of democratic transition under civilian leadership is needed. In this context, the Trilateral Mechanism was founded to coordinate the efforts of UNITAMS, the African Union and IGAD to facilitate a Sudanese agreement that leads to the formation of a civilian-led transitional government. The Trilateral Mechanism has achieved gradual progress in this regard.  A first general technical session was convened on 8 June with the participation of the military component and various civilian groups. But some key actors, notably the Forces for Freedom and Change – Central Council (FFC-CC), the Communist Party and the Resistance Committees, decided not to participate. All participants in …

Source: Sudan and prospects of seeing light at the end of the tunnel – Sudan Tribune

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